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Thursday, February 05, 2009

What does a modern day Catholic Family look Like?

Here are our friends, the Drewsens, Catholic to the bone!
We Love you Guys, and pretty cool picture....
(except where is Mom - Oh I see her, Shelly is hiding in the rear)
I grew up with 5 brothers and a sister who went to heaven before us all.
Growing up in a "Full-size" family allows and almost requires daily lessons and examples in love, charity, forgiveness, and compassion.
How can one be self-centered when life in such a family is all about solidarity.
Although we didn't have much in possessions growing up, my parents gave us so much more than any money could buy. They loved us and gave their whole lives for us, even when we didn't deserve it. They truly were the earthly representation of Christ to us, we were just too young and immature to realize it at the time, yet their actions not only planted seeds in us, they formed us even without us knowing it.
Again, true happiness only comes in giving of oneself, and giving entirely as Christ did for us.

1 comment:

Shelly said...

THAT is an AWESOME picture! One of them was going to be our Christmas pic, but since I am techie ignorant and Jessey didn't get it done...
Thank you for posting my family and for your kind words.