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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Night Backyard Campfire Party

After a few very hot days, Friday night cooled off and we were able to
call a few friends and have a backyard campfire party.
Everyone gathered around the fire and we visited, shared stories, and laughed.

The little ones found some blankets and made themselves comfortable on the ground.

The night was so very peaceful, just hanging out and enjoying
each other stimulated "Relaxation."

Nicole had just returned from another mission trip.
This time she visited India and had some experiences beyond your imagination.

As she shared her stories, stories so painful with regard to the evil that many are surrounded with each day and subjected to, as she spoke, the grief and despair was overbearing.
We used our projector to shine the pictures and presentation
on the side of the house for all the experience.
Sean was the master "tech" guy.

Everyone intently listened and allowed the Christian witness to penetrate their being.

For so many, they had never heard of the realities of such evil that
is still occurring today at various parts of the world.
Husbands selling their wives into prostitution f
or as little as 20 cents, the sex trade, torture, abuse, etc.

It was sobering, but yet spoke of the truth and the power of
Christianity and how our surrender to Him is the only hope to really change the world.

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