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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anderson River Park Century Ride (100 miles)

What a great day for a leisurely bike ride......
What!!!!! Its forcasted to be over 100 degrees outside and the ride is 100 miles ...
You have to be nuts.
Here is Kris and my brother Terry.
Terry always jokes that he isn't the typical bike rider,
often 100 lbs heavier than others.....
Great going down hill, but what about the 3000 feet climbs?
(Don't listen to them Terry - those little guys, they are just jealous, you look great.)
Kris - you know I wasn't speaking of you as one of "them",
you're different, you're family, you're "wirery"
OK let's go, It's 7 a.m.

And off they went..... so I went to get a coffee

Only 99 miles left to go

At some point they decided after recalling the experience of an 108 degree day last year, they would only ride the "Metric" 100 km (60 miles) instead of the 100 miles thinking the heat would get to them.

Hey Terry - How is it going soooo far?

Looking good

Break time - looking pretty good for 50 miles

Terry Kearns "Macho Man"

Check This Out!

Rounding the final corner, who will win?

Terry wins by a nose!

OK - This was the real finish!

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