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Monday, May 18, 2009

I Understand What It Is To Be Catholic, "I Am 1/2 Catholic," says Geraldo Rivera

Well here it is...... This best describes the problem with so many catholics today and especially with individuals in the media and politicians who claim to be catholic.
Just the fact that Geraldo self-proclaimed to completely understand the catholic faith, proudly proclaiming that his credentials are that he is a "1/2 catholic" spoke ignorance abundantly. Click here to hear Geraldo claim to be 1/2 catholic.
One cannot be 1/2 catholic in the same sense that someone cannot be 1/2 pregnant or 1/2 married, or only 1/2 a father.... get my point.
There are so many claiming to be a spokesperson for the faith, spouting their rhetoric in the name of the church, who are no where near understanding even the basic tenants of the Church.
Yet, 1000's of people listen to them and feel content with their scandalized representation of morals and values......
This is just another example of why "REAL" catholics must speak out and identify the contractions that we are barraged with each day.
Let our voices be heard.......
Sing the truths of our faith from the mountain tops, in the work place, in the schools, everywhere we go...... Even correcting to err of self-proclaimed malformed catholics around us. Yes - this is to be done in love and compassion but also with fervor and passion......

1 comment:

Lizzy K said...


My belief, you're either Catholic or you're NOT & these "HALF CATHOLICS" honestly make me feel like BARFING!!!