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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goodness is Basic. Thank Goodness!

Here is a post from my Brother's Blog Kevin-Beats-Cancer. Kevin is just finishing his 3rd week of radiation and Chemo Therapy, ~ 3 more weeks to go. He is describing his journey (Mental, Physical, and Spiritual) on this spectacular blog.
Here is today's post:
I believe in the basic goodness of people. The innate desire to be helpful, to do good, .... to actually feel like some one's life was bettered because of something you did...... I think almost everyone possesses this desire in varying amounts.
All too often its more a case of not knowing what to do or how to help than it is in having the desire to do so. Make it easy for someone to help, they usually will. Many times it benefits the giver as much as the recipient. Having been on a few international volunteer/mission trips, I can tell first hand that I always got more from the experience than I gave.
Often recently, I have been reminded by friends of ways I might have helped them in the past. Truthfully, I never thought about it that way. They needed help, I could help, so just help. Not really much to think about, and it just seemed like the right thing to do.
I have witnessed countless times during this current ordeal, the basic desire of others to help me. The biggest challenge is finding ways to channel this desire, but there is simply no shortage of willingness to help. More than willingness, an actual desire to do so.
I have felt uncomfortable at appointment was running longer than it should and how this must be adding to the burden of my "driver".... but I have come to realize that they are not thinking this way at all. They are just happy to be helping.
I am very lucky to have such a great support system. And as special as my friends and family are, I really think this is human nature. Sometimes we think we don't have the capacity or talent to help, or that our effort is too minimal to have a positive impact, or our donation too small, or our time too short..... but that is rarely the case. Just do it. And maybe next time do a little more.
But recognize, the want to help is in our DNA..... tap into it, it feels good. And those on the receiving end, like I am so often these days, will be better for it too.
One more day this week, then the weekend break. A little bittersweet as it also means closer to Tuesday, Chemo #2. Ugh. Ugghhhhh.
A better way to look at it is just that much closer to getting this all behind me. Ok, that's the mindset I will take....for now..... still hate the thought of the days immediately after chemo. They don't last forever though.
Have a great week everyone. Treat yourself, go help someone.

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