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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

U.S. Longevity and Health Is Terrible…Why? (Article By Dr. Denis Van Loan)

Why is U.S. Longevity so terrible?

It’s a real paradox…seemingly untrue fact. In spite of spending 2.2 trillion dollars a year… United States health is not the best in the world; in one report it is even worse than Cuba’s. It’s terrible, we live a shortened life expectancy! The U.S. Census says we are 42nd in longevity in the world. It seems we have proceeded down the wrong path for a long time.
Paradoxically it all started with one of the greatest medical breakthroughs, when Louis Pasteur discovered that germs ( unseen microorganisms…bacteria, fungus,viruses) are the cause of infections and breakdown of general health. With sanitation and more sterile medical procedures, the survival rates skyrocketed and complications of surgery plummeted.
This spawned a pathway of “treat the pathogens, invaders and substances” that breakdown our bodies and thereby stop a disease. There was an opposing school of thought that followed the path of “strengthen the body and its natural defenses”. Alternative medicine is that opposing school of thought which emerged. Whole foods, vitamins, minerals and supplements are emphasized before drugs.
Alternative medicine emphasizes the natural and anything that fuels the strength and immunity of the body by providing the nutrients and raw materials for optimal function. God created a marvelous “machine” called human body which can endure many insults and assaults and not only survive, but also repair itself.

The school of “treat the pathogens and symptoms when they appear” now prevails. The alternative school which emphasizes “strengthen the defenses and try to prevent and deny disease any opportunities” appears ridiculed and ignored. Treat the symptoms means that drugs become the weapons of health. But are they really?

Drug companies have thrived and greatly prospered. The public is duped into believing that a drug can cure or prevent any ill. People want a quick solution and “pills” seem to be the answer. Over twenty billion dollars a year is spent on a single class of drugs…cholesterol lowering statins. Numerous studies show they do not significantly extend life expectancy. Drugs and doctors never heal, your body heals itself. At best, drugs are an aid, a help to the body.

Let’s go back to the longevity statistics. Multiple sources confirm this fact of
poor health and longevity in USA:

• World Health Organization’s recent report is the best…we are 24th in longevity
• United Nations Health says 38th in longevity
• United States Census says 42nd in longevity
Most degenerative diseases are preventable. This includes heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes 2.
Mainstream medicine and the mainstream press seem little interested in publishing compelling reports of cures that are proven in scientific studies from other countries and from alternatives research

Denis Van Loan DDS

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