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Friday, September 18, 2009

You might be saving my life, but I dont care much for you right now.....

Here is the latest post from my Brother's Blog: Kevin Beats Cancer

You again.
Fortunately, seems like quite a while since we last met. I knew you would be back though. And while you surprised me with your sneak attack last time, you're gonna have to work harder this time pal.....Hanging there in your little plastic bag, dripping ever so inconspicuously, acting so innocent, like you mean no harm..... but I know the power of your punch. Maybe I underestimated you last time, but I am ready for you this time sucker...... punk.....
This day has been on my calendar for weeks. I will admit I wasn't looking forward to this rematch. You did have me psyched out a bit, especially this morning. Getting up early, sitting in my bathroom letting the shower water heat up, I did have a moment when you might have thought I was trembling a bit. I was just cold.... yeah, honest, that was it.......
I can't imagine how Jesus felt the hours before Judas betrayed him. Just thinking about what He went through those final hours actually gave me strength this morning. He could have walked away, but chose not to.
Maybe I don't have that same choice, but I do have Him on my side...... and what I was going to face would so pale in comparison...... you are definitely not nearly the adversary.....
I have friends who are standing by me.
Who do you have?
Your buddy radiation?
OK, he packs a pretty good wallop too, but I will take my friends. They will be with me long after you both are well down memory lane..... and harbor no fantasies that you will end up anywhere else.... or that you will ever get a reunion invite.... you will be history buddy....
I appreciate that you and Rads are saving my life, but once you do, I really don't want to have anything to do with either of you ever again.... got it?
OK chemo, ready to go? Let's do this.
Time to get down in that dark place where we will battle for the next few days.
I'm not afraid of the dark... or you....
well, maybe a little, but I'm ready for you..... really, I am...... punk.

Kevin is on week 4 of treatment.... He has a total of 7 weeks of daily radiation and 3 chemo treatments. He now has 2 chemo treatments under his belt and 1/2 way through the radiation. The effects of the treatment are severe but he is drawing strength from that place so deep inside, you know that place that only God and you know of....the soul.
We love you Kevin and you are at the core of mine and so many other's conversations with God!
I know that God has big plans for you, and yes this is a part of His Divine plan, but there is something so beautiful and powerful just ahead...... I just know it, I can feel it.....

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