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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Youth 2000 - Nourishment For The Youth

My kids just returned from another "Youth 2000" weekend.
They look forward to these weekends hosted by the CFR's (Franciscan Friars of the Renewal).

They met up with friends that they don't see often enough.
Friends with that same belief and set of values (Catholic).

They listen to inspiring preachers and teachers. These are real role models, something that is becoming more and more difficult to find in our culture that is progressively darkening.

And there are nuns that look and speak like nuns. The youth are attracted to what some say is the "Radical." They are hungry for exposure to people who embrace their faith in a radical way, not unlike what the early Catholics must have experienced.

Yes, there is eating. What youth don't just love the idea and taste of FOOD!

You notice there isn't any food left on the plates!

It wouldn't be a Catholic event without the source and summit of our lives;
The Holy Mass and the Eucharist.

One of our Shepherds, The Bishop.

The music and singing is so uplifting and the praise and worship surrounds you. These kids are hungry for the love of Christ and when given the opportunity they not only embrace it, but absorb it and shout out their praises to God!

There is just something so special about a huge hall filled with 100's of youth all gathered to praise and worship our Lord and wanting to be in the presence of Christ for a whole weekend.

Here are all the young men and women who feel a call to possibly give their lives to Christ by becoming either a Priest or a religious nun or brother. We are in a crisis for vocations in this country, but why? God is calling these young men and women, but why do we lose them? Are we not nurturing them and their call?

Our Youth taking their final picture before they load back into the cars to return home. They have been refueled with the holy spirit, re-energized, and now venturing backing into society equipped to spread to message of love, hope, forgiveness, and everlasting life!

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