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Monday, November 08, 2010

How a Wife Affects a Man.

I so often hear that after 50 years of marriage, and when the wife dies, something in the husband dies as well.

It is always a sad story and one can't help but feel at least some degree of the pain that must be experienced from the loss of the spouse.

A good wife, which there are so many, really does make the man.

What do I mean by this?

Well, most men of humble heart will agree, that no matter how successful a man might think he is, if he doesn't have that special person to share his life and efforts with, he is always left feeling incomplete.

A man has an innate need to feel like a provider and a protector. And although many women are capable of doing much for themselves, a good wife will allow that man to take and maintain his role.

On the flip side, a wife who nourishes her husband, also reaps the benefits of a husband who feels fulfilled; she possesses a happy and healthy husband.

The wife who clearly identifies the role of the man and the role of a woman is also just as equally happy.


Because she then directs her attention and energies on being the nourisher, the caretaker, and the heart of the home and the family.

Yes, the man might provide the food, clothing, and the shelter for the family; but the wife is the one who makes the whole family feel united, loved, and peaceful.

Liz and I have only been married for ~20 years, but as each year comes and goes I become more cognisant of the power of her role as a wife and a mother. No, she doesn't talk like, nor look, nor act like a supper-mom, a soccer-mom, she is something so much greater. She would probably be more accurately described as a "traditional" mom, or a "stay at home" mom, but I see her as God's gift to our family.

The world we live in has so many great qualities and many wonderful people, but to not acknowledge that our world and society is a complete mess would be naive. If only more people, especially women understood life like my wife, not only would more men be much happier in their lives, but the world would look much different as well.

For all you men who have a wife similar to mine, let her know today just how special she really is; I bet she has no idea......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nicely written pat, I will tell Deb today. Keep up the good work. Love Terry