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Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Weekend

Liz and I drove to the City to Celebrate in an Irish Pub.

But there was a long line to get in....

Luckily My Brother Kevin was already inside and had saved us seats.

The Pub was packed.

There was great Irish Music.

A bit noisy...

Liz and I were having a great time.

And then my brother Tim and Angela showed up.

Three Irish Brothers on Saint Pat's Day!

Then we walked across the street to the Celtic Shop.

Where we met two new friends (Patrick and Patrick). 

The tall Patrick said it was his birthday and he was in the store buying a rosary. As we visited, we found out that he is a P.E. teacher at a catholic school. I was able to bless his rosary that he just bought and gave him a special birthday blessing. When the 6'9'' man began to cry, we all felt it! He then stated "This is going to be a great night!"

We thanked the store owner for the Irish hats.


We then drove back to Kev's place to eat and have some wine.

Checking the bottle against the inventory list......Hey that is one of the really expensive wines!

Quick get two more....

What an Irishman.

Full of Blarney!

After a good night's sleep, I took Liz to the Cliff House in San Francisco. 
We had dinner here 18 years ago when we were first married.

It is a really nice place.

With a great view.

What a great adventure and time with my wife and brothers.

Happy Saint Pat's Day Everyone!

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