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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sean's Spanish Homework

Sean had to interview his family and video tape his information in Spanish.

He is getting better, but this tape is hilarious, because if you speak Spanish you will see that he is describing us wearing clothing of different colors than we were actually wearing.....

I think he was trying to be funny...

And check out the dog, I think he ate a whole box of biscuits while Sean was trying to keep him still. It was raining and he had to take the dog into the garage to be taped. The dog wanted to kill the two cats who mostly live in the garage and wouldn't stand still.


Lizzy K said...

I keep laughing at myself in the "snapshot" that youtube ended up with -- and the play button over my mouth...you'd think you'd picked that as a joke! ha ha...

Deacon Pat said...

Sean, Tu habla espanol muy bien.....pero, tu no sabe colors....