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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wisdom of Schizophrenia - Is it "A Voice of God"

I often joke that I spend most of my days (At Work) in a world very much different from what many of you live in. A world of craziness!
I work in a psychiatric facility where 99 patients live. This is a facility for the severely mentally ill. I am often amazed of the extent of the symptoms, their pain and suffering, and how with proper treatment, a lot of love, and God' grace, many can become stable and then return to live in the "Regular" world.

The patients that I work with suffer from terrible hallucinations and delusional thoughts. These symptoms are so severe that they are actually tormented with them.

The pain and agony that they suffer on a day-to-day basis is far beyond what most of us could tolerate or even comprehend.

They live in world that for many of us would make no sense at all. But, for them, this is their world and it is all they know.

I learn more from them than you might suppose.
I was sitting at my desk today, having a session with a client who constantly hears voices and he said the most profound thing.
I wrote it down.
Here it is, why don't you ponder the meaning:

God gave many people in this life illness,
like Bipolar, or Schizophrenia, but also gave them special gifts.

In the creation of these special people,
they help us understand the world more clearly.

He then stated, we will only be carrying this cross of ours for a little while,

then we will overcome our illnesses.

- Adam 46 years old

I feel very blessed to work in the field that I work in. My mother suffered with a serious mental illness and I am sure that had an impact and still has an impact on who I am and how I look at the world
Yet, the most spiritual people that I have ever met were people who suffer tremendously.
I am with 100's of people who suffer more than I ever will know, their spirituality has a depth far greater than I will probably ever know, and as I try to help them, they are in many ways my teachers......
Thank you God for the life that you have given me!

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