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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living In "SIN"

Have you ever thought about the effects of living in Sin.

Lets think about this.

Sin is the opposite of God.

God is the source of everything beautiful and light.

Sin is the void and absence of everything of beauty and Light.

When we sin, we remove God from our lives. The more we sin the further God is pushed away.
If we keep sinning, it doesn't take long and then we are living in total darkness.

How can we find Joy and Peace when we have separated ourselves from the very source of joy and peace.
How can we find beauty when we have separated ourselves from the very source of beauty.
It isn't until we make a commitment to reject sin, turn back toward God, that His life can be seen again around us.
For Catholics we have the Sacrament of Confession.
In an instant, with true remorse and contrition, we can be immediately united back with God and forgiven. Our life can be restored into full communion as soon as we confess, hear the words of forgiveness, and complete the prescribed penance, as long as it is all done with true contrition and sincerely have the desire to sin no more.
Lets live in the light and repel darkness.

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