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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What would you do to be spiritually fed?

Sometimes I wonder if my ministry work is meaningful to others, not for my sake, but am I actually helping others in their journey of faith?
We have been offering our "Be not afraid hours" at the church every Thursday for some time now. Some Thursdays the chapel is packed, other times we might have 10-12 people.
I know it isn't about numbers, but rather helping people along their journey. But when the numbers are large, somehow it makes you feel that the effort is meaningful.
Tonight we had an average size group and after the group ended we socialized with each other for sometime and then I left to run an errand while my wife remained to further visit and socialize. (If you know my wife - she is a professional socializer - she calls it "Her Sport")
When she returned home, she told me that one of the ladies who attended tonight needed a ride home and that she drove her.
During their conversation, they talked about their children, life as a mother and a wife, and then this humble lady stated that she didn't want to miss the gathering tonight, but didn't have a car tonight since she loaned her car to her daughter, so she walked in the 100 degree weather for 45 minutes to the church.
She walked for 45 minutes in 100 degree weather just to attend the "Be Not Afraid Hour."
That just blew me away.
How many people do you know would walk 45 minutes in extreme heat even for Mass?
Ministry isn't about quantity, it is about assisting people along their journey, helping to provide opportunity for growth, for love, for charity, for relationships........
Even if just one soul is helped through one's efforts, isn't it worth it?
I am all too quick to forget the important aspects in life, in ministry, in friendships, in relationships.
She is a true disciple.......
Thank you Lord for the lesson.......you did it to me again!

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