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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our Lady Of Mercy Parish "Fall Festival" 2009

Father Jonathan and Patti and the ticket booth

Ticket booth ladies

Kids Kingdom

How many strollers can you count?

The kids were having FUN!
It is only 10 am and the people started to roll in.....

The jail was great.
For 50 cents you could issues a warrant for an arrest of one of your friends.
The officers were more than happy to hunt you down
and arrest you for a sentence of 10 minutes.
If you were lucky enough and had a friend, they could set bail for 1 dollar.

Here is my son being arrested....
I hope this isn't a taste of the future...

Hey that jail is getting full (my daughter "Mac" on the left)

Mike the seminarian checking his wallet to see if he can set bail
(I know there was a dollar in there)

Father Uriel (Don't cry)

Plenty of time for contemplation
Do the the time.....

Hey, why arrest me, the jail was My idea!

The craft booth (Kathryn and Sean)

Game booth

Game toss game thingy

More Games

Sucker game thingy

Janan's game

Face painting

Toddler play area

Baby crawl races (How cute)
The winner I think was a midget..... I thought I saw him at the beer garden after the race?

Surprise little girl got a hubcap.

Ring the sheep and win a price!

Leg painting for the face sensitive

Clowning around


Beer garden Girls..... Hey that's my wife

That isn't Sister Maura at the beer booth is it?

The Mexican Food Booth (The Manzo family)
My favorite booth each year!


The Schaefer Brothers (Gary and John)
The American Food Booth
My favorite booth!

The Youth Group Drink Booth (My daughter Mac)

The Filipino Booth
Lumpia, Chicken Adobo, Noodles......
My favorite booth each year!
Yes, my favorite booth each year!

Jordan , Sean, Andrew

"The Dudes"


And I though my kids were a little facially challenged when they were little

Sister Maura and Father Jonathan

They look guilty!

The Ping Pong tournament

Mac and Jordan

Liz and I am trying to keep it organized, 3 tables, 3 divisions, soooo many participants.


Ok who won, who lost ?

Karen and her brother Greg (participants)

Ok you play Osvaldo next Carlos

Father Jonathan and Seminarian Mike

The boys....

The two Fathers on the Left (Uriel and Jonathan)


It was fast and furisous!

A winner!

Husband and wife match...... She won!

The day ended with a great tri-tip dinner and Live Celtic music.

Chow down everyone!

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