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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Brotherly Love

What really is brotherly Love?
Well, it is in many ways a love that differs from the Love of a spouse, a love of a child, the love of parents, and the love of a friend.
Brothers have a tendency to admire each other for their unique talents and abilities, yet at the same time want to be very much unlike their brother.
A brother wants to make his life his own, travel his own path, and become "a man."
This process of self development and growth often separates brothers to live life's apart, and often to create lives that look very much different.
Yet, there is bond, a connection, that will remain forever.
We come from the same source, for lack of better words...the same seed, the same womb, the same blood runs in our veins.
We share the same parents, the same history, the same roots.
We might choose different paths to journey in life, our outer appearances might have morphed overtime, our inner desires might hold much different priorities, yet there is always something that we hold so very deep within us that makes us the same.
Is it our spirit? Is it our soul that somehow is similar? Are they somehow connected?
We might not talk much for days, months, or years, but it only takes an instant, a brief encounter, and we are as connected as years of the past. That deep connection is never really lost, maybe forgotten at times, but reestablished when even desired.
Yes there can be hurts and resentments that some brothers might carry from childhood, and some may develop later in life, often at the core having something to do with Pride, Greed, or Envy - yet they can be forgiven in an instant, and often are.
We might not show our love as well as, lets say, Sisters might, but that love is there, there yet the same. It is deep and strong, like the spirituality and faith of many men. It might not be so apparent on the external, but it is rock solid on the internal.
We might not be able to express in words very eloquently; our love for each other, yet, if a time of need arises, our actions will speak what our hearts feel.
That is a love of a brother, a love in which we would gladly endure the pain ourselves if it could be avoided in the other, a love that would have us drop anything and everything to help at least in a small way a need our brother has. A love that makes us eternally available to serve the other, even though we might just of fought with them minutes before.
We Men are seen by some as weird creatures I am sure, and we often don't understand each other, yet we know that we would give all to our brother, and that our brother would do the same, just upon a simple request......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice Pat! You are a truely gifted Writer! I feel and have felt alot of what you wrote and it's all very true! Thanks for all your grat writing, I really enjoy ALL that you write!