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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another Great Day On Top Of Mount Shasta

Liz was attending a workshop in Mount Shasta

(Actually our friend Carson was teaching a RCIA class)

so we took the opportunity to drop her off at the class and then head to the slopes.

I have been wanting to spend a day with Mackenzie on the bunny hill to help her to better her skills.

Well, the day was a success, Mackenzie is getting better and better. She will only need a few more days and then she will be free to head up the mountain with all of her friends.

Check out her technique in the video below.

The park is really a great ski park. It has 3 lifts, 4 lifts soon, and great runs.

The Bunny Hill......
Sean taking a break. Mackenzie said it best when she said: "There isn't a sport out there that Sean isn't great at." Sean is a great Snow Boarder, This break is after he got 10 feet of air coming off a huge jump.....

My Beautiful KOOTs
This is the lift on Douglas, one of the 3 lifts currently open. You are looking at the face of Douglas. It is a black diamond. Sean comes down the face while I go down and around the mountain (I like Green and Blue Runs...., Not black)
Just ME.

My Great Kids. We had a great day together.......
Sean helping to teach Mackenzie how to snow board.
There is always time for a good snowball fight.
I spent 3 hours running down the bunny hill with Mackenzie Today helping her keep her balance, but mostly just making her feel safe. She doesn't need me anymore, yahooooooo, she can do it on her own. Our work paid off.

The end to a wonderful day. Thanks be to God!!!!!

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