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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Today Is Our Anniversary (17 years)

Today we celebrate 17 years of marriage.
Liz has been such a blessing to me and is the source of our wonderful children

(OK I helped a little)
We have been blessed with a strong, vibrant, and holy marriage. I am positive that is due to the Sacrament that has helped us through so much and continues to shower grace upon us daily.

Isn't she so cute!

The love of my life!

My Father was my Best Man and all my brothers were groomsman.

The most beautiful woman I know.

And what you can't see is her heart which is the most beautiful part of her.

My Dad - Wishing us the best and blessing our marriage.

That meant a lot coming from the most honorable man I have ever met and the most holy!
This was the very start to a journey together.

(Aren't perceptions funny - I thought I looked good back then........I must be like a fine wine)

There isn't anything better in life than having someone to love and knowing that they love you just as much.

Working together, raising children, forming them in the faith, and helping each other along the Christian journey, is what life is all about.

My wife - She just gets better and better..... yes I am her biggest fan!

1 comment:

Shelly said...

Happy Anniversary, Pat and Liz! You inspire us.